Peers Premier Apartments: 4-Star Adult Only Luxury Apartments in Caister-On-Sea, Great Yarmouth
Peers Premier Apartments: Luxury 4-Star Adult Only apartments in Caister-On-Sea near Great Yarmouth. Holiday and business trip accommodation in luxury suites for two adults.
30 Yarmouth Road, Caister-On-Sea, Norfolk, NR305AA.      4-Star Gold Rated
Telephone: 07778880243
Sapphire and Emerald, Upstairs
Combination heaters/towel racks to both sides of window. Towels are provided.
Above: Detail of right bathroom area of Emerald apartment. Sapphire bathroom has slight layout differences. Click the picture to return to overview.
Spacious Spa Bath with massage jets and multiple optional coloured lighting settings. Light blue setting shown.
Low-power electric tea lights. All the ambience with no smell, hot wax or matches.